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General Chemical Science Sources

American chemists and chemical engineers. Vol. 1, Wyndham D. Miles, editor, American Chemical Society, 1977; vol. 2, Wyndham D. Miles and Robert F. Gould, editors, Gould Books, 1994. An invaluable source of biographical information; includes references, indexed.

Beardsley, Edward H. The rise of the American chemical profession: 1850-1900. University of Florida Press, 1964. Chiefly on educational institutions, national societies, and journals.

Chemical sciences in the modern world/edited by Seymour H. Mauskopf . University of Pennsylvania Press, 1993. Brief essays on many historical topics, including the importance of chemical archives.

Chemistry in America, 1876-1976: historical indicators/Arnold Thackray, Jeffrey L. Sturchio, P. Thomas Carroll, Robert Bud. Boston, Reidel, 1985. Largely a statistical treatment of demographic shifts in the chemistry community, careers of the chemical elite, etc. Has an extensive bibliography.

Corporate history and the chemical industries: a resource guide/edited by Jeffrey L. Sturchio. Philadelphia, Center for History of Chemistry, 1985. An annotated bibliography; also includes information on archives and records management.

Haynes, Williams. American chemical industry. Vol. 1, Background and beginnings: 1609-1911; vols. 2-3, The World War I period: 1912-1922; vol. 4, The merger era: 1923-1929; vol. 5, Decade of new products: 1930-1939; vol. 6, The chemical companies. NY, Van Nostrand, 1945-54. A major, standard work.

International directory of company histories. St. James Press, vols. 1-31, 1988- (ongoing). A valuable source of information, although little on the technology of the companies, and concentrating on the larger currently-existing companies.

Smith, Edgar Fahs. Chemistry in America: chapters from the history of the science in the United States. N.Y., Appleton, 1914.

Specialized Sources

Electrochemistry, past and present/John T. Stock and Mary Virginia Orna, editors. American Chemical Society, 1989.

Gorther, Leon. "The development of a scientific community: physical organic chemistry in the United States, 1925-1950", pp. 95-113 in Essays on the history of organic chemistry/edited by James G. Traynham. Louisiana State University Press, 1987.

Heterogeneous catalysis: selected American histories/Burton H. Davis and William P. Hettinger, Jr., editors. American Chemical Society, 1983.

Morawetz, Herbert. Polymers: the origins and growth of a science. N.Y., Wiley, 1985.

Morris, Peter J. T. The American synthetic rubber research program. University of Pennsylvania Press, 1989.

Morris, Peter J. T. Polymer pioneers: a popular history of the science and technology of large molecules. Philadelphia, Center for History of Chemistry, 1986. Brief, many illustrations, includes timelines and bibliography.

Nye, Mary Jo. From chemical philosophy to theoretical chemistry: dynamics of matter and dynamics of disciplines, 1800-1950. University of California Press, 1993.

Servos, John W. Physical chemistry from Ostwald to Pauling: the making of a science in America. Princeton University Press, 1990.

Tarbell, D. Stanley, and Tarbell, Ann Tracy. Essays on the history of organic chemistry in the United States, 1975-1955. Nashville, Folio Publishers, 1986.

Trescott, Martha Moore. The rise of the American electrochemicals industry, 1880-1910: studies in the American technological environment. Greenwood Press, 1981.

Williamson, Harold F. [and others]. The American petroleum industry. Vol. 1, The age of illumination: 1859-1899; vol. 2, The age of enery: 1899-1959. Northwestern University Press, 1959-1963.


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