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Vladimir Nikolaevich Ipatieff (or Ipatiev): B. H. HIIATEbEBIpatiev

Subject areas: catalysis; organic chemistry; petroleum chemistry; high-pressure research; inorganic chemistry; explosives; polymerization

Born Moscow, Russia 9 November 1867;

Died Chicago, Illinois 29 November 1952

Married Barbara Ermakoff (????????) 26 July 1892; children: Nikolay, Vladimir, Anna, Dimitri.

Education: Mikhail Artillery School, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1887; Artillery Academy, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1889-1892 Studies in chemistry at University of St. Petersburg, Russia (advisor A. E. Favorsky), dissertation 1895 Studied with Adolph von Bayer, Munich, 1896 Ch.D. University of St. Petersburg, Russia, 1908 (note: in Russia a Doctorate is a much more advanced degree than in the U.S. or Britain; it is somewhat akin to a Habilitation in a German university).

Professional employment: Artillery Academy, St. Petersburg, Russia, Instructor in Chemistry, 1892, Assistant Professor 1895; Professor of Chemistry and Explosives 1899; University of St. Petersburg, Russia, Lecturer in Chemistry, 1902-1916; Etc. etc. Universal Oil Products (later UOP, Inc.), Riverside, Illinois, Director of Research, Sept. 1930 - ; Northwestern University, Chemistry faculty, 1931, Director of Ipatieff High Pressure Synthesis Laboratory, 1938 etc.

Students: Vladimir Haensel, Ph.D. Northwestern University, 1941;

Influence on: Herman Pines; Robert L. Burwell, Jr.; ... Memberships: American Chemical Society; National Academy of Sciences (U.S.); Chicago Chemist's Club; Academy of Science (St. Petersburg, Russia); Deutsche Chemische Gesellschaft (Berlin); ... Publications: Catalytic reactions at high temperatures and pressures, N.Y., Macmillan, 1936;

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Archival sources:
Northwestern University Vladimir Ipatieff Papers, 1867-1950.

3 cu. ft. (10 boxes)
Cite as: Vladimir N. Ipatieff Papers (11/3/8/2), Northwestern University Archives.
This collection covers virtually the entirety of Valdimir N. Ipatieff's career as a chemist, as reflected through both his professional and private papers. The collection roughly spans the years 1867-1950, and includes material separated and arranged in the following categories: personal correspondence; diaries in English and Russian; professional articles by Ipatieff; hand- and typewritten manuscript materials; news clippings and tributes to Ipatieff; legal documents regarding the management of his and his wife's estates; miscellaneous writings and memorabilia. The collection is notable as a source of some of the origins of the Ipatieff Laboratory, donated to Northwestern University in 1939 and expanded in 1947. Ipatieff was Lecturer in Chemistry at Northwestern from1931 to 1945, Director of the Ipatieff Catalytic High Pressure Laboratory for chemical research from 1939-1952, and Lecturer Emeritus from 1945-1952.

Museum of Russian Culture, San Francisco, Vladimir Ipatieff Papers, 1896-1953. Speeches and writings, correspondence, patents, biographical data, and photographs, relating to chemical research in Russia and the Soviet Union, and to Russian émigré affairs. In various languages. Register. Microfilm copy at ??

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