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Administrative Records

Northwestern University Archives

University of Chicago Archives
Board of Trustees
Minutes, 1890-1968.
Includes records of the Board's confirmation of faculty appointments and budgets for the Department of Chemistry.

Office of the President
Records (Presidents' Papers), 1889-1968.
Includes administrative files on the Department of Chemistry and its faculty, chemistry buildings and laboratories, the Institute of Chemistry and Physics, James Franck Institute, Physical Sciences Division

Physical Sciences Division
Records, 1937-1949.
Includes files on the Department of Chemistry, Institute for the Study of Metals, and Institute for Nuclear Studies. Correspondence, departmental budgets, research reports, scholarships.

Louis A. Slotin Memorial Fund
Records, 1946-1962.
0.5 linear feet; processed
Records related to solicitation of donations for the Louis A. Slotin Memorial Fund for lectures in the sciences at the University of Chicago. Includes biographical materials and correspondence relating to Slotin, physicist and physical chemist at Oak Ridge and Los Alamos, killed in 1946 by accidental exposure to a fatal dose of radiation.

Department of Buildings and Grounds
Records, 1892-1932
Includes files on the construction of Kent Chemical Laboratory (1894) and Kent alterations (1909), and on the construction of Jones Laboratory (1929), including correspondence with Hermann I. Schlesinger.

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Personal Papers

Rachel Fuller Brown (1898-1980). University of Chicago
Notebooks, 1920-1926
2.5 linear feet PhD., Chemistry, University of Chicago, 1933
Lecture notes from courses in bacteriology, organic chemistry, and inorganic chemistry taught by Sarah Branham, William Friedrich, Edwin O. Jordan, Ben Nicolot, Mary rising, Hermann I. Schlesinger, and Julius Stieglitz, among others. Reading notes. Laboratory experiment notebooks.

Charles D. Coryell (1912-1971). University of Chicago
Papers, 1945-1965
1.5 linear feet
Nuclear and magnetochemistry Chief, Fission Products Section, Manhattan Project (1942-1945). Correspondence with fellow scientists and reports concerning the scientists' movement for civilian control of atomic energy and international arms control.

James Franck (1882-1964). University of Chicago
Papers, 1882-1964
13 linear feet
Physical chemistry Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Chicago (1938-1947); Manhattan Project (1942-1945); one of the founders of the Atomic Scientists of Chicago. Nobel Laureate in Physics, 1925. Correspondence (late 1910s to 1964) with leading physicists and chemists, including among the latter: Fritz Haber, Otto Hahn, Robert L. Platzman, Weldon Brown, Norman Nachtrieb, Nathan Sugarman, Robert S. Mulliken, and Zay Jeffries; manuscripts or articles relating to photosynthesis (1935-1964); and reports, memoranda, and correspondence concerning the postwar atomic scientists' movement (1944-1953), including the papers of the Jeffries Committee (1944) and of the Franck Committee (1945).

James Franck Collection of Scientific Offprints. University of Chicago
51.5 linear feet
Copies of published articles on chemistry and physics sent to or collected by Franck, including his own writings, dating principally from the period of the 1920s to the early 1940s.

William Draper Harkins (1873-1951). University of Chicago
Papers, 1877-1988
1 linear foot
Physical chemistry Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Chicago (1912-1931); Andrew MacLeish Distinguished Service Professor of Chemistry (1931-1939). Reprints of published scientific papers, particularly on neutrons, and biographical materials.

William Rainey Harper (1856-1906). University of Chicago
Papers, 1883-1906
12 linear feet
President of the University of Chicago (1891-1906); Professor and Head, Department of Semitic Languages and Literatures (1891-1906). Includes correspondence with members of the first Department of Chemistry faculty: John U. Nef, Sr.; E. A. Schneider; Felix Lengfeldt; and Julius Stieglitz.

Thorfin R. Hogness (1894-1976). University of Chicago
Papers, 1945-1949
0.5 linear feet
Physical chemistry Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Chicago (1930-1959); Director, Chemistry Division, Metallurgical Laboratory (1944-1945). Material relating to postwar scientists' movement, including U.S. Senate and House bills and amendments as well as other print and near-print material.

Vladimir Ipatieff Papers, 1867-1950. Northwestern University
3 cu. ft. (10 boxes)
cite as: Vladimir N. Ipatieff Papers (11/3/8/2), Northwestern University Archives.
This collection covers virtually the entirety of Valdimir N. Ipatieff's career as a chemist, as reflected through both his professional and private papers. The collection roughly spans the years 1867-1950, and includes material separated and arranged in the following categories: personal correspondence; diaries in English and Russian; professional articles by Ipatieff; hand- and typewritten manuscript materials; news clippings and tributes to Ipatieff; legal documents regarding the management of his and his wife's estates; miscellaneous writings and memorabilia. The collection is notable as a source of some of the origins of the Ipatieff Laboratory, donated to Northwestern University in 1939 and expanded in 1947. Ipatieff was Lecturer in Chemistry at Northwestern from1931 to 1945, Director of the Ipatieff Catalytic High Pressure Laboratory for chemical research from 1939-1952, and Lecturer Emeritus from 1945-1952.

Robert S. Mulliken (1896-1986). University of Chicago
Papers, 1908-1985
63 linear feet
Chemical physics, spectroscopy Professor, Department of Physics, University of Chicago (1928-1956) and Ernest DeWitt Burton Distinguished Service Professor, Departments of Chemistry and Physics (1956-1968). Director, Information Division, Plutonium Project, Metallurgical Laboratory (1941-1945). Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, 1966. Correspondence with scientists; research materials and manuscripts; and files on the Department of Chemistry, the Laboratory of Molecular Structure and Spectra, grants and contracts, scientific conferences on quantum chemistry and spectroscopy, and corporations for which Mulliken did consulting work.

Robert S. Mulliken Collection of Scientific Offprints. University of Chicago
235 linear feet
Copies of published articles on chemistry and physics sent to or collected by Mulliken, including his own writings, dating principally from the mid-1920s to the mid-1950s.

John U. Nef, Sr. (1862-1915). University of Chicago
Papers, 1884-1915
1 linear foot
Organic chemistry Professor and Head, Department of Chemistry, University of Chicago (1892-1915). Personal and professional correspondence, memoranda, reports, articles, and records of laboratory experiments.

Herman Pines. Papers. Northwestern University

Michael Polanyi (1891-1976). University of Chicago
Papers, 1913-1975
22.5 linear feet
Physical chemistry Writings on social thought and economics; manuscripts, notes, nad correspondence with leading chemists, most notably Fritz Haber, Georg Bredig, Kasimir Fajans, Herbert Freundlich, Arthur Allman, Sir Christopher Ingold, Sir Cyril Hinshelwood, Sir Eric Rideal, Juro Horiuchi, Alexander Frumkin, and Nicolai Semenoff.

Eugene I. Rabinowitch (1901-1973). University of Chicago
Papers, 1954-1964
10 linear feet
Senior Chemist and Section Chief, Metallurgical Laboratory, Manhattan Project (1944-1946). Correspondence with international scientific figures about nuclear energy and its social and political implications. Records of Pugwash Conference (1945-1971) to promote international control of nuclear energy. Correspondence relating to the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, which he helped found.

Harold H. Swift (1885-1962). University of Chicago
Papers, 1907-1962
107 linear feet Chairman (1922-1948) and Member (1914-1962), Board of Trustees, University of Chicago; Chairman of the Board, Swift and Company. Includes files relating to Department of Chemistry (1913-1937), including correspondence with John U. Nef, Sr., and Julius Stieglitz; material concerning Kent Chemical Laboratory, Jones Laboratory, and the Research Institutes (1945-1950).

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Reference Collections

Northwestern University Archives

University of Chicago Archives
Archival Biographical Files.
Biographical sketches, clippings, and obituaries on Department of Chemistry faculty

Archival Photographic Files.
Photographs of Department of Chemistry faculty and chemical laboratory buildings on the University of Chicago campus

Archival Buildings Files.
Clippings, programs, and ephemeral materials related to chemical laboratory buildings on the University of Chicago campus

General Archival Files.
Publications, reports, and other documentary material on the Department of Chemistry and related academic units at the University of Chicago

Crerar Portrait Collection.
Portraits of notable scientists, including chemists, from the Enlightenment to the early twentieth century.


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