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American Chemical Society, Chicago Section

Largely at the initiative of John H. Long, a charter was granted for the Chicago Section of the American Chemical Society, March 15, 1895. At the meeting on June 3 at the Northwestern School of Medicine and Pharmacy, the following officers were elected:

Frank Julian, President
J. C. Foye, Vice-President
F. B. Dains, Secretary
J. H. Long, Treasurer

The Chicago Section is noted for the annual Willard Gibbs Medal, named for the distinguished Yale scientist. The Gibbs Medal was founded by (and eventually endowed by) William A. Converse, Chairman of the Chicago Section in 1909. The first Gibbs Medal was awarded in 1911 to Svante Arrhenius; it is the second-oldest professional award of the American Chemical Society.

Chairmen of the Chicago Section of ACS:

1895-1915 | 1916-1940 | 1941-1960


1895-96 Frank Julian  
1897 William Hoskins Mariner and Hoskins, consulting chemists
1898 Joseph P. Grabfield Morris and Company, meat packers
1899 Charles Elijah Linebarger Teacher, Lake View H.S.
1900 Warren Rufus Smith Lewis Institute
1901 Felix Lengfeld Asst. Prof. U of Chicago; later pharmacist in San Francisco
1902 Gustav Thurnaur Aurora Metal Company, mfrs. of bearing metals, metallic packing for locomotives, and aluminum-bronze diecastings
1903 William August Puckner U. of Illinois School of Pharmacy; Searle
1904 Julius A. Stieglitz University of Chicago
1905 William Brady Illinois Steel Company
1906 Herbert N. McCoy U of Chicago; later Carnotite Reduction Co., Lindsay Light & Chemical Co.
1907 Warren Rufus Smith Lewis Institute
1908 William D. Richardson Swift & Co.
1909 William A. Converse Dearborn Chemical Company
1910 Thomas J. Bryan State Chemist of Illinois
1911 Stephen Tyng Mather Thorkildsen-Mather Co.; Sterling Borax Co.; later Director, National Park Service
1912-13 Arthur Lowenstein Wilson and Company; also consulting chemical engineer
1913 Harry McCormack Armour Institute of Technology; McCormack & Company, later Research Laboratory of Chicago, 1917
1914 Otto Eisenschiml Scientific Oil Compounding
1915 William D. Harkins University of Chicago

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1916 Austin Van Hoesen Mory Sears, Roebuck & Co. Laboratory
1917 Lucius M. Tolman USDA Central Inspection District; Wilson and Company
1918-19 Lawrence V. Redman Redmanol Chemical Products Co., makers of anhydrous phenolic resins; merged with Bakelite in 1922
1920-21 W. Lee Lewis Northwestern University; City Chemist, Evanston; later at Institute of American Meat Packers
1922 Carl S. Miner Miner Laboratories
1923 George Albert Menge Libby, McNeill & Libby, milk dept., until 1922; then chemical consultant until 1924; then Lafayette College
1924-26 Dudley K. French Dearborn Chemical Company
1926 Paul Nicholas Leech American Medical Association
1927 Sterling L. Redman Central Scientific Co., laboratory supplies
1928 Benjamin B. Freud Armour Institute of Technology; I.I.T.
1929 Ward V. Evans Northwestern University; Loyola University 1945-50
1930 Hermann I. Schlesinger University of Chicago
1931 Bernard E. Schaar Schaar Scientific Co.. laboratory supplies
1932 David Klein  
1933 Lee Francis Supple Lewis Institute
1934-35 Walker M. Hinman The Frederick Post Co.
1935-36 Arthur Guillaudeu Swift & Co.
1936-37 Paul Van Cleef Van Cleef Brothers, mfrs. of rubber cements, friction tape, auto and cycle chemical specialties
1937 Jacques C. Morrell Universal Oil Products Co.
1938 Charles D. Hurd Northwestern University
1939 Cary R. Wagner Pure Oil Company
1940 William F. Henderson Visking Corp.)

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1941 George L. Parkhurst Standard Oil Company
1942 Warren C. Johnson University of Chicago
1942-43 Roy C. Newton Swift and Company
1943-44 Lawrence M. Henderson Pure Oil Company
1944 Robert E. Zinn Victor Chemical Works
1945 Maurice H. Arveson Standard Oil Co.; Indoil Chemical; Amoco
1946 Robert K. Sommerbell Northwestern University
1947 Herbert E. Robinson Swift and Company
1948 Charles L. M. Thomas Universal Oil Products Company
1949 Walter M. Urbain Swift and Company
1950 Bryon Riegel Northwestern University; Searle
1951 Robert F. Marschner American Oil Company
1952 Jules D. Porsche Armour & Company
1953 Marvin C. Rogers

R. R. Donnelley & Sons Co.; later Photoengravers Research Inst.

1954 Herman S. Bloch Universal Oil Products Company
1955 Lloyd M. Cooke Union Carbide, food products div.
1956 Hoylande D. Young Pure Oil Company
1957 Gordon T. Peterson Continental Can Company
1958 LeRoy W. Clemence  
1959 Bernard S. Friedman Sinclair Research Laboratories
1960 Raymond P. Mariella Loyola University

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